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  1. Thai ICO's

    Why only Thai ICO's ? Plenty of good ones in Asia, take a look at Medibloc (MED) most of the team is from Korea and I would expect them to be putting some focus on the Thai medical tourism sector.
  2. Actually every insurance plan I have looked at such as Bupa, Cigna, Aetna etc.. all have deductibles....
  3. Health Insurance Advice Needed: Living long-term in Thailand and looking for a Thai health insurance plan which would cover any expensive health bills (not limited to or excluding accidents). I am 40 and quite healthy now, so a high deductible is ok. Thank you!
  4. You are right Bupa doesnt fully cover motorcycle accidents. you've to pay a bit extra to your standard insurance, then you can cover medical expenses with Bupa after a motorcycle accident up to 10 Mill Baht.
  5. International healthcare can get extremely expensive anywhere in China, what you need is a health insurance plan that offers direct billing, meaning the insurance provider will settle the bill directly at hospitals such as Parkway in Shanghai. As for insurance brokers who can help you in China, I recommend One World Cover http://www.oneworldcover.com
  6. health insurance premiums are usually the same / or lower when using a broker.